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Animal & Dairy Science: About Us

UGA Double Bridges Farm Development

Housed in the Rhodes Center on UGA's main campus, ADS provides state-of-the-art facilities with which to 1) instruct our students, 2) conduct cutting edge research, and 3) provide extension programming to meet the needs of our clientele. Likewise, our faculty and staff are top notch, and we have hired two new scientists this year to complement our teaching, research, and extension programs.

However, our off-campus farms that house swine, beef, sheep, and dairy animals are outdated and in disrepair. To better serve Georgia clientele, our goal is to construct state-of-the-art facilities with which to instruct our students, conduct research, and serve as extension demonstrations. Such facilities will also:

  • Aid in attracting and training new students.
  • Enhance our capacity to obtain outside funding.
  • Make us better neighbors and environmental stewards.
  • Develop our ability to attract new and productive faculty.
  • Promote efficient utilization of equipment and labor.
  • Showcase a diversified animal production unit.
  • Provide instruction in animal welfare and handling.
  • Ensure safety of both students and animals.
  • Secure our future as a top national animal program.

UGA Double Bridges Farm Development

A 237-acre tract of land adjacent to our dairy unit in Oglethorpe and Clarke Counties has been purchased as a site for constructing a modern livestock facility. Aerial view of site for Double Bridge Farm In addition, a small capital project is being proposed to the Governor and General Assembly to provide funding for building new swine, beef, and sheep facilities and for upgrading the dairy operation.

We need the support of Georgia's commodity groups, legislators, and other friends to help us reach our goal.

The Animal and Dairy Science faculty, staff, and students have tremendous potential, which can be realized with the upgrading and construction of new livestock facilities. Our programs in research, teaching, extension, and outreach are some of the best in the Nation, and with your help, we can fulfill our quest for excellence and remain a premier program at UGA as well as in Georgia agriculture.


New Beef Facilities will:

  • Replace a unit that is 50 years old and in need of major updating and repair.
  • Educate over 250 students yearly in 11 courses on all phases of cattle production in a hands-on environment.
  • Provide a new site to relocate cattle displaced from acreage destined for UGA's future expansion.
  • Offer an opportunity to better perform research and to demonstrate cutting edge beef management practices.
  • Allow more team-based approaches to problem solving in cattle production.
  • Provide new technologies to advance the improvement of cattle, providing consumers with better beef products.
  • Expand opportunities for internships and work-study programs in beef.
  • Accommodate industry and youth programs including field days, short courses, junior livestock events, Georgia Beef Challenge, and adult ed programs.
  • Serve to educate students in the College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • NOTE: At the farm gate value of $448M/yr, beef ranks 4th in Georgia's commodity rankings.

New Pork Facilities will:

  • Replace a 35-year-old farm that no longer adequately serves the teaching and research missions.
  • Meet the regional need to conduct pharmaceutical and nutritional research for sponsoring agri-industry enterprises.
  • Provide a central waste management system that recycles nutrients for the production of hay, silage, and cereal crops needed by other animal units.
  • Accommodate the increased need for pigs and pork products for the CAES teaching program and College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Provide the technology transfer and value-added concepts required to prepare graduates for employment in the modern swine industry.
  • House recipients for cloning and genomics research for biotechnology companies.
  • Enhance opportunities for multidisciplinary research and teaching in animal waste management, animal welfare, and environmental stewardship.
  • Enhance biosecurity through a control point for human traffic, which will house computers and environmental monitoring systems.
  • Engage collaborators who use pigs as biomedical models in projects relating to the Biomedical and Health Sciences Institute.
  • NOTE: At a farm gate value of $105M/yr, pork ranks 17th in Georgia's commodity rankings.

New Dairy Facilities will:

  • Replace buildings that are 35 years old and in need of repair.
  • Prepare students for positions in today's industry with a modern facility comparable to the typical southeastern dairy.
  • Educate over 200 students yearly in 58 classes and laboratories in dairy management activities from milking and feeding to palpating and breeding.
  • Serve to train Extension agents, 4-H and FFA judging teams, and students in the Veterinary School and at Athens Technical College.
  • Allow 3,500 elementary school children each year to experience dairy life.
  • Provide a better environment for the safety of animals and students, and a higher standard for our teaching program.
  • Allow scientists to evaluate novel technology and management tools to help dairymen become more competitive.
  • Improve our competitive position for attracting dairy industry grants.
  • Serve as a model environmental system to evaluate heat stress and waste management.
  • Employ the latest technology and design, serving as a resource for dairymen.
  • NOTE: At a farm gate value of $296M/yr, dairy ranks 8th in Georgia's commodity rankings.
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